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Abby launched Barksley in January 2017 after many years of dreaming and planning. She grew up learning how to run a business as both of her parents are business owners. Her mother, a dog and cat veterinarian, has been practicing animal medicine for over 35 years. Her father owns and operates a dinner movie theater.

Abby moved to Richmond in 2011 and worked at a law firm for five years. She instantly fell in love with the city and now lives with her boyfriend and two dogs in Church Hill. Before opening Barksley, Abby left the law firm to work in a veterinary hospital learning about common issues, diseases, medications, vaccines, and surgeries for dogs and cats.

Abby is dedicated to her clients and their pets. Barksley is her full-time job and main focus. She forms strong bonds with her clients' pets and usually has great success getting fearful dogs and cats to warm up to her. She would love to meet you and your pet today!

Lindsey joined the Barksley team in May 2018 after working at a dog daycare and boarding facility. Through her work and training she learned the specifics of nutrition, the importance of play and routine, and how to best care for pets with special health and behavioral concerns. Lindsey was eager to transition to in-home pet care because she loves seeing the personality traits and quirks that pets show in the comfort of their own home. 

Lindsey is from Richmond and developed a deep love for animals and learned at an early age that all creatures deserve compassion and respect. She carried this sentiment with her throughout her life and made it a priority in her career caring for animals. Lindsey is a huge advocate for adoption and has an adorable family of rescues. Her fur-family now includes a hound mix named Merle who loves to cuddle, a herding dog named Cooper who often finds ways to outsmart his momma, a senior lab mix named Rex who Lindsey is currently fostering, a kitty name Little Cat who keeps all the dogs in check, and a hamster named Willie Nelson.

Daniel joined the Barksley Pack in July 2018 after leaving the corporate world behind him. He has a kind heart and respect for all animals. He loves that he is now able to spend more time outdoors and doing what he loves - caring for pets. Daniel has a habit of falling in love with the pets he cares for rather quickly. He pays close attention to the specific needs of each pet and is experienced with animal body language and behavior. 


Daniel moved to Richmond in 2009 and worked as a manager at a law firm then was a project manager at the Supreme Court of Virginia. He loves exploring Richmond with his dogs and spending time on the river. Daniel's favorite hobbies include working on house projects, being in his garden, gaming, and talking about Tesla and SpaceX. His dream is to own a Tesla, witness a live rocket launch, and has aspirations to be the first human to walk a dog on Mars!  

Blaise joined the Barksley Pack in April 2019 and has been working as a dog walker since 2011. He truly loves the job and spending time with each pet in his care. Blaise has a very calming presence, which allows shy and timid pets to warm up to him quickly. He learns the personality of each pet so he can provide them with the exact care they need. Whether it is power-walking with a high energy pup or cuddling inside with a low-key kitty, Blaise is happy to provide love and care to our clients' pets. 

Blaise grew up around all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. His mother was a professional dog trainer and encouraged him to be hands-on with animals from an early age. He was able to learn animal body language and how best to communicate with animals using positive reinforcement techniques. This provided Blaise with a significant foundation of knowledge to be the amazing pet care professional he is today. He looks forward to becoming your pet's new best friend.

Selene joined the Barksley Pack in July 2019. Her true passion is to care for animals and nursing foster pets back to health. She is a fierce advocate of animal rescue and adoption. She has two rescue pups of her own and loves to go on adventures with them to the park and the river. Selene is also a registered nurse previously providing care to Neuro ICU patients. 


Selene's empathetic and compassionate nature makes her an excellent pet care professional. She is committed to providing quality and compassionate care to every pet. Her kind personality makes animals feel comfortable around her, especially shy and fearful pets. She is patient and loving, which allows pets to trust her quickly. She has a lot of love to give and it shows in the updates she sends to pet parents. She would love to become your pet's new best friend.

Natasha joined the Barksley Pack in January 2020. She has been working with animals for a few years now and feels that it is her calling. She enjoys spending her time with animals and developing deep relationships with them through trust. Natasha's compassionate nature makes her an ideal pet care provider. She is reliable, experienced, and a great addition to the Barksley team.

Natasha grew up with dogs and has always felt a deep connection with them. After high school, she began working as a dog walker and pet sitter in Arlington. She fell in love with the job and the pets in her care. A few years later, she moved to Richmond and was thrilled to continue growing her career with Barksley. Her other passions include music, art, and going to concerts. 


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