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Providing you pet care

Thank you for interest in Barksley! Before we can begin service, we will arrange a Meet & Greet with you and your pet so you can get to know your pet care professional. It is completely free and there is no commitment required. Use this time to see how we interact with your pet and ask any questions you may have. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Service Area

Church Hill, Union Hill, Fulton Hill, Rocketts Landing, Varina, Shockoe Bottom, Downtown, Jackson Ward, Manchester, Forest Hill, The Fan, Museum District, Scott's Addition

We are expanding and will be offering additional service areas very soon. Please reach out to us to see if we are in your neighborhood!

About the Meet & Greet


During the Meet & Greet you and your pet will meet with your pet care professional and discuss a Pet Care Plan that is tailored to you. The meeting will take place in your home at your convenience and will last about 30 minutes. Here are a few things to keep in mind and to prepare before your scheduled Meet & Greet. 

  1. Meeting your pet. Your pet must attend the Meet & Greet and it must take place in your home. (If you are moving or live out of town, please tell us in advance.) We want your pet to sniff and react to their new caregiver. Hopefully it will be love at first sight, but if not we will discuss alternative options. There is no commitment required after a Meet & Greet and you are never locked into a contract.

  2. New Client Forms. All new clients must complete the new client forms. Complete the Owner Info form and Pet Info Form for each pet that will be in our care. You must also sign the last page of our Service Agreement. You can view the forms here.

  3. Vaccines. We need a copy of your pet's current vaccinations listing when each vaccine was administered and when they are due. We require proof of Rabies at a minimum for each dog and cat over the age of 6 months that is in our care. You can send us a copy ahead of time or have a copy ready at the Meet & Greet.

  4. House Key. We need two copies of your house key and anything else, such as a key fob, required to gain entry to your home to provide pet care. We understand that some apartment and condo buildings do not allow residents spare fobs. Please be sure to let us know about this in advance.

  5. Details. We need to know all the details so we can properly care for your pet. Where are your pet's items located in your home, such as leash, poop bags, food, and toys? Also be ready to tell us about ant fears, triggers, or unique quarks your pet may have. We need to know if your dog is an escape artist or go nuts when he sees a squirrel.​ The more information we have, the better we can care for your pet and keep everyone safe. Don't hold back on the details!

  6. Schedule. Please have an idea when you would like us to visit your pet. What day, time of day, and for how long. You can book us for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour. It is best to stick to the pet's normal routine and schedule as much as possible. We will go over a Pet Care Plan with you during the Meet & Greet.

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